Corporate Talent Pool is a private practice consultant group that provides Healthcare Recruiting, Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Management services for organizations. CTP has a team of healthcare recruiters and consultants and has strategically partnered with
Profiles International, Inc. to provide quality human capital management and services.

Our job is to help organizations recruit and hire the best, provide insightful employee assessments to help develop and retain their talent, and to provide tools for applicant tracking and employee background checks. The services that CTP provides can save organizations administrative time and hundreds of thousands of dollars while having a high impact on the performance and effectiveness of the organization.

Healthcare Recruiting

The impending changes in healthcare has created concerns for healthcare practitioners, payors, and patients. Yet and still, the need for quality healthcare and the demand for healthcare services may triple sooner than we think! Healthcare worker shortages are well documented with more than one million practitioner openings today. With 72 million aging “Baby Boomers” it will only get worse. This fact will create an even more demand for healthcare practitioners in many areas.
We are here to help organizations to recruit the best!

Organizational Effectiveness &
Talent Management

Selection and hiring, team building, executive coaching and management development, retention, and maximizing the performance and productivity of employees are inevitable challenges that organizations face everyday. The assessments, tools, and services that we provide will help your organization tackle this never-ending battle. We are here to provide insight and help you overcome these challenges!